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July 07, 2009


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My mother is 50 and is beginning to go through menopause. She recently hurt her hip and I heard that women her age are prone to hip fracture. I'm not sure what she has but can you please give me some methods I can help treat her of make her in less pain. She can't walk. If it is hip fracture and she doesn't get surgery, will it heal and how long?

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Thank you for the information. I was certainly surprised with what you wrote because I have always associated calcium with strong bones. I hope more studies will be conducted on this, especially on the relation of calcium and vitamin D. A hip fracture could be treated with a hip replacement surgery. However, after the DePuy hip replacement recall, more patients are balking at the idea uf undergoing one including me.

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I was a bit surprise to know that taking too much or too little dosage of calcium supplement can increase the risk of fracture as the first study analyzed 19 different trials and found no overall benefit to taking greater than average amounts of calcium. One would think that the logical conclusion would be, don’t take too much or too little calcium, normally a wise approach to many medical issues.

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