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July 27, 2009


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Robert Viera


Since you and your colleagues at The Advance will not publish my comment to your story "Sex slave bill dies with Parliament’s end", and I have not received a response to my email sent days ago to the editor, I'm posting the comment here:

It seems that for Mr. Brown, his boss Stephen Harper, and their government, protecting their image from unpleasant questions about their Afghan detainee transfer policy and gaining partisan advantage by suspending Parliament are more important than passing legislation that provides minimum penalties for people convicted of exploiting young people.

Ms. Nuttall should have no trouble contacting her MP, Patrick Brown, as she has been a director of Mr. Brown's federal riding association, the Barrie Conservative Electoral District Association. I can't say whether she is currently a director, as the ridings association's web site was taken off the Internet not long before news of gang sexual assault charges against members of the provincial Conservative riding association in Barrie were made public. I understand Ms. Nuttall was also a director of that riding association, which was dissolved in July of 2009.

It's too bad for Ms. Nuttall that her MP, Patrick Brown, is no longer a member of the House of Commons justice committee. Coincidentally, Ms. Nuttall was a witness before that committee at the last meeting Mr. Brown participated in as one of it's members. Ms. Nuttall's appearance before the committee, which was discussing age of consent legislation, on March 29, 2007 was rather brief. After Mr. Brown asked her a question, she was interrupted in her answer by 2 other MPs, including a Conservative, who were concerned that Ms. Nuttall was revealing too much information about a victim of sexual exploitation. The next day, Mr. Brown became a member of the health committee and ceased being a member of the justice committee.

Perhaps Ms. Nuttall could ask Mr. Brown why his federal election and nomination campaigns accepted a total of $6,000 in campaign contributions between June 2004 and January 2006 from a man charged earlier in 2004 with the sexual assault and sexual exploitation of three teenage sisters. (He was subsequently convicted on 2 of the explotation charges). Perhaps Ms. Nuttall could ask why the federal Conservative riding association in Barrie, of which she was a director, accepted a $833.50 donation from the same man in January 2008.

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